Shooting and reaming
  • Two machining centres, one machine 4 axes, one tour 3 axes.
  • Traditional digital machines and one said “by learning”.
  • Experiment in the realization of mould every types of materials
    without limitation (aluminium, bronze, iron, stainless steel,
    materials blows up…).
  • Some references and photos (Packaging, printing office,
    food processing industry.
  • Production of small and serial average.

The boiler making
  • Realization of built mechanic welded, crankcase and folded
     sheet steels folded on plan or sketch.

The cylindrical and flat rectification
  • For a bigger precision of the quotations and a better
    aspect of surface.

The subcontracting
  • Two scenarios:
    - Manufacturing from a plan beforehand established by
      the very customer.
    - Surface treatment of rooms or in heart to improve the precision.

Domains of intervention
  • Equipment.
  • Maintenance.
  • SAV.
  • Repair.

Equipment big template
  • Shooting up to 5 meters of point.
  • Milling machine with table 5 meters long.